CORE Leadership Program

CORE is a Christ-centered service program for high school students ages 14-19.

- Building and demonstrating strong CHARACTER
- Participating in community OUTREACH both inside and outside of CWorks
- Taking RESPONSIBILTY for the world around us
- Doing all things with EXCELLENCE so that we can glorify God in all that we do!

CORE takes leadership to the next level through training, creative development and service. Students will explore biblical leadership and collaborate together to develop, plan and implement CORE service projects throughout the 2019-2020 year. CORE students develop relationships and skills to impact the world around them. Involvement in at least one previous semester and one current season semester required (camp, class or shows count as involvement in a semester).

(If you are applying, please tentatively hold all CORE meeting/ event dates on your calendar. To remain in CORE, students are only allowed 2 meeting absences during the entire season)
2019: September 28, October 12, November 9
2020: January 11, February 15, March 28

(We do not anticipate any changes, but changes may occur. We may add optional projects once we start) 
Boys/Girls Mentoring Event: October 
Christmas Missions Project: November 9
Youth Life Fun Fridays (once a month Jan-May): 3:30-5:45 
Cup of Hope: January 25
Night to Shine: March 14
Shindig: April 18
Rehearsal Outreach for Each Show: Please refer to the Shows page of the website for show rehearsal dates for the year.

*CWorks does not anticipate any schedule changes, but changes may occur. Optional projects may be added. 

-To create an environment at CWorks that encourages all students to pursue an excellent, biblical lifestyle
-To grow students' leadership capacity and character
-To provide spiritual leadership in and among CWorks students
-To build bridges between different age groups, social groups and locations of CWorks
-To reach the community with acts of service
-To provide wholesome and fun teen fellowship

-Attend scheduled meetings (see meeting dates below)
-Prepare for meetings as determined by CORE Advisor and group
-Explore biblical leadership in the Scriptures
-Plan and participate in CORE service projects

-Ages 14-19 (must be high school student)
-Displays teaching, serving, and/or leadership potential
-Commit to CORE for the entire program
-Maintains good rapport with all people in CWorks
-Honor the mission, values and faith of CWorks

CORE students will meet at various homes or at the CWorks Office once a month on Saturday evenings from 6:30-9 p.m. A dessert and/or snack will be provided.  

COST: $50 Annual Program Fee to supplement meetings and projects. 

  1. Students - fill out online application form by Thursday, September 19 at midnight
  2. If this is your first time applying, please send 2 references per the instructions found on the application (references must be received by the application deadline).
  3. Applicants will be notified of acceptance via email before the first meeting.