All Children, Except One, Grow Up...

When the carefree and careless Peter Pan flies into the nursery of the Darling home, Wendy follows her instincts for adventure, bringing her little brothers along to the magical Neverland to take care of the motherless Lost Boys. Soon the Darling children are swept into Peter's deadly battle with Captain Hook and his mostly-fearsome pirate crew. With so much excitement, why ever go home again? This new play adaptation captures the wonder and magic of the story of Peter Pan for today's audiences while staying reverently faithful to J. M. Barrie's original play and book.

This production will be held indoors on the KingsWay stage under the current CDC and VA health and safety protocols. Masks will be required indoors by patrons and performers, and seating will be physically distanced. Read more about our protocols here.

Dates / Times:

  • Saturday, Apr 17th @ 3:30pm
  • Saturday, Apr 17th @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, Apr 18th @ 3:30pm
  • Sunday, Apr 18th @ 7:00pm
  • Saturday, Apr 24th @ 3:30pm
  • Saturday, Apr 24th @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, Apr 25th @ 3:30pm
  • Sunday, Apr 25th @ 7:00pm

Ticket Prices:

KingsWay Community Church:

14111 Sovereign Grace Drive, Midlothian, VA 23114

Show Notes:

This production will be held indoors on the KingsWay stage under the current CDC and VA health and safety protocols. Read more about our protocols here.

Fri, Mar 12 (5-9PM) *Production Fee Due* 
Sat, Mar 13 (9:30AM-4:30PM)

Mon, Mar 15 (7-9PM)
Fri, Mar 19 (5-9PM)
Sat, Mar 20 (9:30AM-4:30PM)

Mon, Mar 22 (7-9PM)
Fri, Mar 26 (5-9PM)
Sat, Mar 27 (9:30AM-4:30PM)

Mon, Mar 29 (7-9PM)
No Rehearsal Fri, Apr 2
Sat, Apr 3 (9:30AM-4:30PM)

No Rehearsal Mon, Apr 5
Fri, Apr 9 (5-9PM)
Sat, Apr 10 (9:30AM-4:30PM)

Costume fittings, parent meetings and headshots will be scheduled at a later date under new guidelines. 

Sapphire Cast
Mon, Apr 12 (7-9PM) 
Fri, Apr 16 (3:15PM CALL)
Sat, Apr 17 (10AM CALL - 3:30PM & 7PM Performances
Sun, Apr 18 (1:30PM CALL) - 3:30PM & 7PM Performances

Emerald Cast
Mon, Apr 19 (5-9PM) 
Fri, Apr 23 (3:15PM CALL) 
Sat, Apr 24 (10AM CALL) - 3:30PM & 7PM Performances
Sun, Apr 25 (1:30PM CALL) - 3:30PM & 7PM Performances


Peter Pan (Sapphire Cast)

  • Patrick Durham

Peter Pan (Emerald Cast)

  • John Sheldon

Wendy (Sapphire Cast)

  • Anna Cook

Wendy (Emerald Cast)

  • Sarah Vranas

Captain Hook (Sapphire Cast)

  • Mason Jett

Captain Hook (Emerald Cast)

  • Matthew Eaton

Smee/Storyteller (Sapphire Cast)

  • Hailey Hightower

Smee/Storyteller (Emerald Cast)

  • Klara Keeley

John (Sapphire Cast)

  • Andrew Smith

John (Emerald Cast)

  • Abe Stubblefield

Michael (Sapphire Cast)

  • Charlie Loewen

Michael (Emerald Cast)

  • Micah Thompson

Tinkerbell (Sapphire Cast)

  • Tatum Noegel

Tinkerbell (Emerald Cast)

  • Liv Altovilla

Slightly (Lost Boy) (Sapphire Cast)

  • Sean Hawkridge

Slightly (Lost Boy) (Emerald Cast)

  • Emory Burns

Tootles (Lost Boy) (Sapphire Cast)

  • Riley Lippard

Tootles (Lost Boy) (Emerald Cast)

  • Owen Collins

Nibs (Lost Boy) (Sapphire Cast)

  • Ashlyn Ferraro

Nibs (Lost Boy) (Emerald Cast)

  • June Hare

Curly (Lost Boy) (Sapphire Cast)

  • David Ballentine

Curly (Lost Boy) (Emerald Cast)

  • Lucy Thompson

Twin 1 (Lost Boy) (Sapphire Cast)

  • Tinsley Noegel

Twin 1 (Lost Boy) (Emerald Cast)

  • Rhys Haskin

Twin 2 (Lost Boy) (Sapphire Cast)

  • Megan Hawkridge

Twin 2 (Lost Boy) (Emerald Cast)

  • Vivian Reeves

Mr. Darling/Storyteller (Sapphire Cast)

  • Braxton Hare

Mr. Darling/Storyteller (Emerald Cast)

  • Jack Hensley

Mrs. Darling/Storyteller (Sapphire Cast)

  • Bella Burke

Mrs. Darling/Storyteller (Emerald Cast)

  • Maddie Foster

Tiger Lily/Storyteller (Sapphire Cast)

  • Mia Renshaw

Tiger Lily/Storyteller (Emerald Cast)

  • Mia Kennedy

Starkey (Pirate)/Storyteller (Sapphire Cast)

  • Grace Mitscherlich

Starkey (Pirate)/Storyteller (Emerald Cast)

  • Marshall Ruzek

Never Bird/Cecco (Pirate)/Storyteller (Sapphire Cast)

  • Chloe Blyseth

Never Bird/Cecco (Pirate)/Storyteller (Emerald Cast)

  • Isabel Pusey

Jane/Mermaid/Storyteller (Sapphire Cast)

  • Anna Raimist

Jane/Mermaid/Storyteller (Emerald Cast)

  • Grace Lindsay

Liza/Mermaid/Storyteller (Sapphire Cast)

  • Mackenzie Kirsh

Liza/Mermaid/Storyteller (Emerald Cast)

  • Olivia Fudala

Jukes (Pirate)/Storyteller (Sapphire Cast)

  • Kaden Blanchet

Jukes (Pirate)/Storyteller (Emerald Cast)

  • Meghan Brindley

Mullins (Pirate)/Nana (Sapphire Cast)

  • McKenzie Hare

Mullins (Pirate)/Nana (Emerald Cast)

  • Caroline Hutchins

Cookson (Pirate) (Sapphire Cast)

  • Charlie Bender

Cookson (Pirate) (Emerald Cast)

  • Shelby Kapinskis

Noodler (Pirate) (Sapphire Cast)

  • Lara Loucks

Noodler (Pirate) (Emerald Cast)

  • Rensi Bellew

Lost Boy Ensemble (Sapphire Cast)

  • Adelle Stapleton
  • Harper Dwyer
  • Sofia Thews

Lost Boy Ensemble (Emerald Cast)

  • Emma Abell
  • Layla Dwelle
  • Sophia Hodge