Show Volunteers

Volunteers are a valued and essential part of every CharacterWorks production. The gift of your time and efforts is so important that CWorks wants to make sure to place you carefully according to your skills, your preferences (where possible) and your availability. Once you are assigned a job, you will be contacted by the chairperson of the committee to which you are assigned and they will rely on your assistance. Please check your calendar carefully so that you communicate your availability accurately. Then fill out the Volunteer Application form, remembering to read the rules and regulations listed below. If you are under 18 your parent must give permission and provide contact information. Thank you for offering to be a blessing to CharacterWorks!

Volunteer Application Dates
  • Fall 2021: Applications for both shows (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Beauty and the Beast) are due at midnight on Friday, October 1st. Volunteers will be notified by Wednesday, October 6th.

Rules and Requirements
  • No one under the age of 15 will be allowed on stage at any point. Volunteers must be age 15+ to work on backstage/stage crew and props.
  • Volunteers who work in the backstage area (costumes, tech, or make-up) must be at least 13 years old (14 years old for Masters Camp/Show Camp volunteers). 
  • It is preferred that volunteers work all rehearsals, but required that they work at least two tech rehearsals.
  • It is required that volunteers be able to work at least two performances.
  • Students under 13 years of age may not fill out this application and are not allowed in any backstage area, but (1) may help in lobby and house area, (2) must be individually supervised by their parent and (3) must be approved by the volunteer coordinator (please email Jacob Filegar at with any questions).
  • All volunteers are expected to be on time when they are scheduled to work, and may not be in the backstage area when they are not scheduled to work. Volunteers are expected to report to the committee chair when they arrive and will complete tasks as instructed.
  • CWorks will provide a name tag for each volunteer who has been scheduled to work. Volunteers must wear their name tag at all times while on duty. Volunteers who work backstage/stage crew, props, or tech/spots must dress in all black with closed-toe shoes.
  • All volunteers will be respectful to all adults: CWorks staff, cast, parents, and facility employees. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a volunteer being sent home and removed from the crew.
  • If a volunteer is over the age of 18, they must also fill out the CharacterWorks Policies of Conduct form (sent with volunteer acceptances).
  • CWorks may not be able to assign everyone to a job this time. If this is the case, please reapply to volunteer for one of our future productions.
  • Please know everyone who volunteers to help with a show will fall into one of two categories – either they are a parent and will have a parent name badge, or they need to fill out the volunteer form and will be given a volunteer name badge.