Acting Skills: Accents

We invite our acting students to work on their dialect skills. Watch these videos to see Artistic Associate, Carson Burkett, sharing his expertise on how to do the British (English) dialect! 

12 Accents in 3 1/2 Minutes

Our resident choreographer, Jen Hammond, found this awesome video. How many accents can you do?

Makeup Design: Old Age

CharacterWorks Hair & Makeup Designer, Sarah Rawlings, demonstrates designing old age makeup on Facebook!

Fun with Googly Eyes

This activity is perfect if you're home with a bunch of goofballs! CWorks student Piper Abrahamsen shows us how creative you can get with a pair of googly eyes.

How to Juggle

What better time than right now to learn to juggle? Grab three clementines and watch this “how to” video by local professional juggler Jesse Joyner. Take your time and you may come out of quarantine a juggler! Tag us or send your videos with #cworksathome