Auditions Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to audition with one of the CWorks-provided audition songs or monologues?
No. Students are free to choose whatever audition materials they would like. However, if this is one of your first times auditioning or if you are unfamiliar with using sheet music for a song-based audition, you are welcome to use the CWorks-provided resources.

Is it better to audition with one of the CWorks-provided audition materials?
You should choose the audtion material that best showcases your talents, whether that's a CWorks-provided material or one you find yourself. The best audition you can choose is the one you perform best!

Does CharacterWorks provide private voice lessons for auditions?
CharacterWorks does not provide private voice lessons. However, there are several CharacterWorks-affiliated teachers who provide voice lessons in our area. For more information on this, contact us at

I don’t know what song to sing. How do I make a decision?
First, find a song that fits your vocal range. Next, make sure that the content of the song is appropriate for your age. Finally, think about your strengths. Do you have a strong voice? Choose a song that shows it off. Maybe you are a strong dancer, but struggle with hitting some higher notes. Pick a number that is easier for you to sing but highlights your other skills. Find a song that best showcases your unique talent and prepare the strongest audition you can!

Can I bring my accompaniment on a CD or karaoke track on my iPhone/iPad?
No. We require that all those auditioning use sheet music and the CWorks-provided accompanist. We are providing song options with sheet music and tracks, as well as an accompanist at auditions. 

Does this audition process apply to Masters Camp, Show Camp, or other CharacterWorks summer programs?
No. All students registered in those camps will be cast in their respective shows. There will still be callback-style auditions in a group setting to determine the casting of specific roles and ensembles, but minimal preparation is necessary for these auditions.

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