Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Spectacular! Kids Camp & Spectacular! Broadway Camp FAQ

How are the teams broken up?
Campers are divided into three teams: one team of 6-7-year-olds, and two equally-split teams of 8-11-year-olds. If you indicated a specific friend request when registering, then that request will be honored if campers are both in the same age range.
May parents stay and watch during the day?
Generally, the answer to this question is “no.” However, if you are a new parent and would like to see a bit of the camp process, you may stand in the back during the check-in/opening activities portion (which lasts until around 9:40am) during the first day only.
How serious are the theme days?
While not required, historically nearly every camper dresses up for theme days. It is tons of fun to step out of your comfort zone in terms of attire and creativity and develop a unique costume to share with friends in the camp setting. It can be simple or complex—that’s up to you! It’s a fun way to ‘break the ice’ each day and help students feel comfortable (while going a bit crazy!).
Will every child participate in the show?
Absolutely! Every part and every camper’s contribution is important. Our staff works extremely hard to showcase each team and individual campers as much as possible, so we thank you for understanding and deferring to our expertise in this process. You won’t want to miss the show! It will be a fantastic and memorable experience!
Can I pack my child their own snack?
Yes. However, as stated above, we ask that it be peanut-free. The snacks we offer fall in the “cheese-its, pretzels, teddy grahams” category. You can check for weekly specifics on the first day of camp if you’d like.
Do I need to walk my child in to check them in each morning?
If they are 6-7-years-old, we ask that you walk them in each morning. If they are older (8-13) it is fine to drop them off at the door at the appropriate time (Tuesday-Friday). Students still need to check in with camp staff at the check-in table by the door. CharacterWorks will assume responsibility once students are checked in. ID’s are only checked in the afternoon for pick-up/dismissal.
Why do you post “Doors Open at a Specific Time” signs?
Because we rent the facilities that we use, our staff arrives shortly before you do. In the mornings, though we are inside, we ask that you remain outside until we officially open the doors. We don’t mean to be rude—we just need the uninterrupted time in the morning to get set up for the day. At the end of the day, we want campers to remain undistracted, so we ask families to wait outside until the 3:30 pick-up time.
How long with the Friday performance be?
The complete performance is roughly 40 minutes (Spectacular! Kids Camp) or 25 minutes (Spectacular! Broadway Camp) long. We will start promptly at 2:30pm.
Are we able to film the performance?
Yes. However, you may not set up a tripod in the aisles as they are used for dancing and we ask that you are considerate of others behind you if you choose to record (for example, please don’t hold an iPad up in front of you). CharacterWorks does not make an official copy of the performance that we distribute to parents. 

Spectacular! Show Camp and Spectacular! Masters Camp FAQ

My child is not able to attend auditions. Can he/she still register for camp?
Yes! Everyone who registers for these camps is cast in the show, regardless of whether or not they attend auditions. However, students who do not attend auditions will not be considered for featured roles in the show and will be cast in the ensemble. If at all possible, please plan to attend auditions.
Are there parent committee commitments for these shows?
Parent committees are not mandatory for our summer shows, although parents who have served on committees before may be asked to serve on a small committee.
Are any conflicts/planned absences allowed?
Conflicts and absences are not allowed during the weeks of camp. If you have a special circumstance that may require an absence, email the show directors before auditions to discuss it with them.
Why is the cost of this camp split into two payments?
At registration, the first half of the total camp cost is due. This is the camp tuition that funds the “camp” part of the camp. On May 1st (for Masters Camp) or June 1st (for Show Camp), the second half of the total camp cost is due. This is the production fee that funds the production of the show itself.