We are excited to offer a camp experience this summer and our FAQ page has been adjusted to address potential questions for how camp will operate within the current CDC and Virginia State Department of Health Guidelines.  Please see below for answers to potential questions about our current summer camp program. 

Is there an end of the week showcase?
Yes.  Students will be rehearsing songs and choreography from Disney’s Lion King Kids.  CharacterWorks staff will film the performance pieces and send a link for parents to view. (Due to current Virginia state restrictions, we are not having an in-person audience option this summer.) 

Will camp be indoor or outdoors or both?  
Both.  We will be rotating throughout the day to both indoor and outdoor classrooms and activity spaces during the camp day.  

Can you explain the drop-off and pick up process?
There will be carline procedures in place for both pick up and drop off.  Each family will receive a car tag (a laminated name placard) on the first day of camp in order to identify their car/family during the week. There will be cones marking the traffic pattern in the parking lot and car line attendants placed to facilitate the process. 

Can I drop off early? 
Because we rent the facilities that we use, our staff arrives shortly before you do. In the mornings, though we are inside, we ask that you remain outside in your cars (in the carline) until we officially open the doors and start unloading cars.  

How do the age cutoffs work?
Students must be turning the minimum age by the last day of the camp, and must be no older than the maximum age on the day of registration. For example, since this camp age range is 7-11—if a student turns 7 on the last day of the desired week of camp, he or she is eligible to be registered. If he or she was to turn 7 the day after the desired week of camp ends, he or she would not be eligible to be registered. Likewise, an 11-year-old student who would turn 12 before camp starts could be registered while he/she is still 11.

How are the teams broken up? 
Campers will be divided into four teams to be determined based on age and friend requests made when registering. Students will primarily stay within their groups during the day but there will be times where all campers are sharing a larger space depending on the activity and our ability to still comply with social distancing guidelines.

Can you tell me more about the theme days?
While not required, historically nearly every camper dresses up for theme days. It is tons of fun to step out of your comfort zone in terms of attire and creativity and develop a unique costume to share with friends in the camp setting. It can be simple or complex—that’s up to you! It’s a fun way to ‘break the ice’ each day and help students feel comfortable (while going a bit crazy!).

What about lunch and snack?
Campers should bring their own lunch, snack and large water bottle each day.