Show Commitments

A CharacterWorks show isn't simple to put together. It take hundreds of students, parents, siblings, and even grandparents to make the magic of theater come to life. Being a part of a CWorks show is a big commitment that can involve the whole family. A show requires a lot of work, but there is nothing like seeing a big musical come together on opening night and knowing that you've had a part in making it happen! 

  • If a student is cast in a CharacterWorks show, rehearsals are mandatory. Any conflicts with the rehearsal schedule must be listed on your audition form and may affect casting decisions.
  • Regular rehearsals: Cast members are only permitted to miss two regular rehearsal dates. Rehearsal dates for shows can be found on the "Shows" page of the CharacterWorks website. 
  • Tech week rehearsals: Tech rehearsals are usually scheduled from 5-9 p.m. on the four or five days leading up to opening night of every show. Any rehearsal changes will be announced at auditions. No absences are permitted during tech week and shows. Please check your personal schedule before you audition to confirm your availability for tech week and all show dates.
  • CWorks class attendance during the session:  If cast, students must attend their CharacterWorks classes (no more than two class absences are acceptable).

  • Committees: Parent committees are the driving force behind a CWorks show! These committees can include sets, props, paint, costumes, raffle, souvenirs, refreshments, and several other options. At least one parent of each cast member must work on both a pre-show committee and a show committee. If two children are in the show, then two parents are expected to work on committees. Older siblings or other designated adults may substitute for parents. Parent committee information and signups will be presented at the Family Meeting (see below).
  • Family/Parent Meetings: There are two meetings over the course of rehearsals, and at least one parent must attend each meeting. The Family Meeting is usually held the first weekend of rehearsals. The Parent Meeting is usually held on the Friday night two weekends before the show opens.

  • Production Fee: There is a production fee of $275.00 for each cast member. Production fees cover most show expenses and must be paid online in your family account (no checks are permitted) after the show is cast but before the first rehearsal. Students who have not paid their production fee will not be allowed to come to rehearsals until the fee is paid or an exception is made by the CWorks business office.
  • Additional Expenses: Additional expenses may include a makeup kit ($26+), a garment bag ($15+), a storage bin for use in the greenroom during the show weeks, and footwear or dance shoes as outlined by the costumer.  Often times students who have done past shows have the above mentioned items already, which is why they are not included in the production fee.

All adults involved in a CWorks production are required to read and sign the Parent Code of Conduct Form below, and will be required to perform background checks.

Parent Committee Descriptions

Learn more about what is asked of each parent committee on pages 5-7 of the Audition Packet below.