Mainstage Season Auditions

Want to be on stage? Students who are registered for a current CWorks class for students ages 8-18 are eligible to audition for that session's mainstage shows. Audition information for each show is posted here before auditions.

The Music Man JR. Audition Information

***Please read carefully - this is a new kind of audition for a CharacterWorks show!*** 
Auditions for The Music Man JR. include two steps:
  • Record a singing audition video using the provided song selections below.
  • Fill out the Audition Form (includes student info, costume info, and parent committee info) and upload your singing audition video to the form.
Both parts of your audition (audition form and video) are due at midnight on Wednesday, April 28th. 

Audition Video
In your audition video, you will perform a short edit of a song or a few songs from The Music Man JR. CharacterWorks has provided sheet music, guide vocal tracks, and accompaniment tracks for auditions below. Students should review the music selections from The Music Man JR. below and perform any or all song edits listed under their gender/age group. Students must choose songs and their respective edits from this list - please do not choose a song from a musical other than The Music Man, and please do not choose an edit other than the edits provided below. Record a video of yourself singing the song or songs with the provided accompaniment track playing in the background (all auditions must include the provided accompaniment tracks). If performing multiple selections, feel free to go straight from one song to the next, or edit together an audition from multiple videos - whatever works best for you. If you aren't sure if you should sing for the older or younger age group (common with many 12-14-year-olds), choose whichever age group you prefer, or sing songs from both groups! We encourage you to memorize your music and lyrics as this will help your audition performance, but it isn't mandatory.

Callbacks & Cast List
A callback list will be posted on the CharacterWorks home page ( by 11PM on Sunday, May 2nd. Callbacks will be held at the following times:
  • Monday, May 3rd, 7-9PM, KingsWay Community Church
  • Wednesday, May 5th, 5-9PM, Location TBD
The cast list will be posted on the The Music Man JR. show page on Thursday, May 6th at 9PM. Most or all roles in the show will be double-cast.

Questions about auditions? We're here to help! Email Jacob at

Song Selections for Boys

Older Boys (changed voices)
  • 76 Trombones
  • Till There Was You
Younger Boys (unchanged voices)
  • Wells Fargo Wagon (BOYS)

Song Selections for Girls

Older Girls
  • If You Don't Mind
  • Pick-a-Little
  • Till There Was You
Younger Girls
  • Wells Fargo Wagon (Girls)

The Music Man JR. Song Direction

See some direction from the audition panel for each song below:

76 Trombones: In this song Harold Hill is selling the need for the band in River City, Iowa. He needs the town to be excited about a band, so that they will trust him and buy instruments. He should be charismatic, charming, exciting, and cause everyone who is listening to want to join his band.

If You Don’t Mind: Mrs. Paroo is a caring, nosy, and pushy mother. She adores her daughter, but isn’t afraid to tell Marian when she thinks she is being difficult. This song isn’t about singing pretty, it is Mrs. Paroo pointing out that Marian needs to give people a chance and stop holding them to impossible standards. She is funny and confident. 

Pick A Little: The Pick A Little Ladies are town busybodies and should have fun with this song. Imagine that each ‘pick a little talk a little’ is a new rumor you heard and you are thrilled to pass it along.  

Till There Was You: By this point in the show both Marian and Harold have been changed by the other person.  Marian has watched Harold change her brother’s life, and she is incredibly thankful. She was cold and lonely when we first met her, but now she is hopeful and trusting. She should need to make sure Harold knows how much he has changed her life before he leaves. Harold was a selfish and arrogant conman when he arrived in town. Marian and her family have caused Harold to care about someone else for the first time, and he needs her to know before he leaves.

Wells Fargo Wagon (Boys): This is the first time we hear Winthrop. He is a quiet and nervous kid, but Harold Hill has given him confidence that he can play in the band. He is so excited to see the wagon coming with his instrument that he can’t help but sing.  Boys should be excited and hopeful in this song.

Wells Fargo Wagon (Girls): We want to see excitement and joy from the girls in this song. The town is so excited with the anticipation of the band, and there can’t be a band without instruments. Have fun!

View character descriptions here.

Audition Video Tips

  • Introduce yourself at the beginning of your video. Say hi, tell us your name, and tell us what song you are singing. This is called your "slate" and is a way for the audition panel to see who you really are and what your personality is like. Say "Thank you!" at the end of your audition.
  • Make sure you have good lighting. Don't perform in front of a bright exterior window. Lighting should highlight you and your face.
  • Line the lens of your camera up to be level with your eyes. Don't film from above or below.
  • Dress up for your audition and present your best self.
  • Stand up for your audition, if possible. Don't perform seated or laying down. Standing helps energize your performance.
  • Remember to perform as if you are in front of hundreds of people. When filming video auditions it is easy to make your performance smaller and more intimate, but perform like you've got a giant audience.
  • Make sure the music isn't so loud that it overpowers your voice. On the video, your voice should be what comes through the loudest.
  • Don't forget to act! A singing audition video serves to show both your vocal and acting abilities. Become the character you are performing as.
  • Not a strong singer? Sell your talent to us through your acting!
  • Is your video not perfect? That's fine - no one's is! We know recording a video audition is tough. The main thing we're looking for is to see you, your personality, and your talent.